Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula

Welcome to my Master Attraction Formula. I’m Jake, and I help men get girls…

All of my traffic comes from word-of-mouth. That should tell you something. What I do here is better than all that commercial bullshit. I’m actually helping real guys get real results.

And it’s real simple.

Some men want lots of women in their lives. Some want a new girl in their bed every night. A new adventure…

Others want a relationship. Put simply, many guys just don’t want to be lonely anymore. Many guys want a woman to love.

Which of those you are doesn’t really make a difference…


I focus on the fundamentals behind attraction:

== How to generate attraction.

== How to nurture it.

== How to magnify it.

I take guys through the steps. One of the biggest steps is how to make a woman fall in love with you.

Yes, that’s a bold claim. But I can show you how to make it happen.

I teach you methods to make you the most attractive man you can be. Period.

Don’t matter if you’re fat. Or bald. Or poor.

Attraction is triggers in the brain. The more triggers you flip, the more attraction you get. And we need to get you flippin’ as many triggers as possible. Then girls will desire you. Want you. Come home with you…

But I have a life and a job. I can’t have too many men on my list. I only have the time for a small group of guys. So I’m going to test you…

If you answer right, you’re in. If not, you won’t make it…

After the test I’ll tell you about what I’ll do for you.

(Don’t worry, I don’t charge. I help. I used to be desperate for the answers. After I found them, I knew I had to share what I learned.)

Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula

What you have just earned access to is bite-sized lessons. Delivered by email. Absolutely free.

I teach you everything from approach to making a girl fall in love. And my students learn everything in between. How to sleep with strippers. How to meet women in clubs. In bars. On the street. In shops. In museums. In libraries.

Look at some snaps of me – an average looking guy, with extraordinary skills:

And here’s me. An average (at best) looking guy, who can attract beautiful women:

344_36380346603_504981603_1419665_7338_n-150x150 6332_106492450985_151656_n-150x150 14754_571951858958_222702893_4716327_1529010_n-150x150 17372_250152600291_512315291_3556800_1924114_n-150x150 17372_250228055291_512315291_3557357_3064881_n-150x150 61097_1357270344963_1627620007_910889_6905214_n-150x150 163014_1469234063986_1627620007_1120862_4418064_a-150x135 206611_5370184618_500294618_197406_7513_a-150x135 262569_1838082604969_1627620007_1608938_6196104_n-150x150 315435_1859498180345_1627620007_1633897_6210506_n-150x150

How to meet women anywhere…My lessons include how to get over the fear of approaching women. The art of sexy conversation so you always know what to say. How to form a deep connection quickly. How to sexually escalate. How to be the right kind of funny. How to be more alpha. How to get threesomes. And lots more…

I know that you may not want all of those lessons. So you choose whether you want a masterclass simply by clicking a link in an email. That way, I can deliver you what you want, and you don’t get the parts you just ain’t interested in.

Also, I’m gonna be doing some Google Hangouts every now and then, so we can speak as a group. It’s gonna rock…

Here’s why this will be great for you…

1, I don’t charge for emails anymore.

2, The emails are bitesized chunks that’ll help you to improve with women.

3, You can email me and I will reply.

4, I get groups on Google Hangout often so we can chat and you can ask questions.

I take great pride in giving you the best emails I can. Emails that help you get attention and sex from beautiful women, so you can become the ultimate player.

After you’ve signed up you can hear the story of Josh.

Rob is 26. All he wanted was to live the George Cloony lifestyle – surrounded by women but never wanting to get married.Robert was pretty similar to you right now. For 26 years he had failed. That was til one little video transformed his view on dating.

Watch this Amazing Video that will Transform Your Life


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